Open Source Drill

An Affordable, Simple Way to Drill Hard Steel

All farmers, carpenters and mechanics need a drill. This is our version of a 130-year-old design that can drill the hardest steel since it drills at high pressure and slow speed so heat does not damage the drill bit. Note that it uses the “miracle hub” to mount the bit.

SAMPLE USE: mount steel plowpoints on wooden plows.

It Started Here


The Open Source Drill is inspired by the “Cole Drill,” which could drill the hardest steel but is too expensive to make now because it needs a steel forging and careful machining.

Instead, we engineered the all-wood version that can be made for a few bucks yet is a practical way to drill steel.

The Cole Drill brochure to the right [PDF] is a great introduction to the concept and use of their drill. Our version can be used for the same purposes, particularly on the farm.

Build Your Own Version of the Open Source Drill

Engineering drawings are available here. Photos are below.

Open Source Drill: Final Version



An early test version of the drill

drill-first drill test