Universal Hub (AKA ‘The Device’)

Attaching Wood Parts to a Steel Shaft

A little hard to name or explain this but…What if you were stuck in a remote area, had few tools, and needed a way to attach a wooden pulley to a steel shaft or you need a way to hold a steel bit in our wooden drill?

This device is my solution to a difficult problem. Just carve square holes in the wooden hub or drill spindle, insert steel nuts and then drive a piece of drilled tubing over the hub and nuts so that all the holes line up. Tightening the set screws forces the nuts back against the tubing and holds everything in place.

In primitive conditions, the hole in the wooden hub can be drilled with a bit held by pliers and the holes in the tubing made with a file.

Universal hub -- attaches wood parts to a steel shaft

Universal Hub detail

Universal Hub detail -- nut retainer