Get Involved

In the Developing World

If you’re someone in the Developing World — whether in a tiny village in India or a jam-packed slum in Nigeria — and have very basic mechanical skills, you can start working on the projects right away! The MultiMachine and the Concrete Lathe can form the basis of a machine shop, an equipment repair business or even a small factory. Project Genny (a human-powered generator based on a car alternator) can power LED lighting and charge cell phones). Other projects can help with specific problems like drilling holes in hard steel.

Obviously, these tools are also useful for NGOs and government organizations trying to spark economic development at a local level — they help put power in local people’s hands.

We’re currently organizing the information explaining how to do all these things on this site; in the meantime, please contact Pat Delany at

Technical Assistance with the Project

At the moment, Pat Delany and the open source machine tools Yahoo Group need help with technical drawings and engineering sketches. For more, please contact Pat at You can also join the 7000-member MultiMachine Yahoo Group to track current needs and the ongoing discussion of the project, which frequently involves collaborative work on technical questions and problems.